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About Cash For Cots

When healthcare professionals and companies purchase new stretchers and stair chairs, the manufacturers offer very little for trading in their old stretchers. Cash 4 Cots offers MORE than the manufacturers. Don’t get ripped off by Stryker or Ferno! Sell us your old, used stretchers and stair chairs! We will give you a best offer – guaranteed.

While Stryker and Ferno will always pay the bare minimum value, Cash 4 Cots will give you a fair offer. And we’ll pay instantly. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. We don’t mess around.

Call us at (888) 978-0258 and get an instant quote. Don’t just leave your used stretchers lying around or take a really low offer from the manufacturer. Exchange them for cash!

Are you looking to buy stretchers and stair chairs and want to do a trade-in? Click here for more details.

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