TOP DOLLAR FOR STRYKER POWER COTS 2017-09-18T09:53:46-04:00

Get Top Dollar for Stryker Power Cots

Cash 4 Cots offers top dollar for Stryker Power Cots. Don’t see your Stryker Power Cots back to the dealer or to Stryker! They won’t give you as much money as we will. In fact, they also won’t pay you as fast. Get more cash for the Stryker Power Cots!

These units usually go by these names:

  • Stryker Power Pro XT
  • Stryker 6500
  • Stryker Power Pro
  • Stryker 6500 Power Pro XT
  • Stryker Power Cot
  • Stryker Power Stretchers

Are you liquidating?

If you are liquidating your ambulance company’s assets, SELL US YOUR COTS! We will pay you more, pay you immediately, and take it off your hands quickly. No more wasting time auctioning and dealing with parties who aren’t really interested.

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