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Quick & Easy Liquidation For Your Ambulance Company

Closing down your ambulance company? Maybe you’re trying to get rid of excess equipment? Have Stryker cots that are beyond repair? Let us know! We buy Stryker ambulance cots, stretchers, and stair chairs. Got a POWERLOAD? We will buy that too! Got Ferno? We want those too!

We make it easy for you to liquidate your ambulance company. Stop wasting time on auction sites.

Why sell to Cash4Cots?

Buying an ambulance cot, stretcher, or stair chair is like buying a car. When you buy a brand new one, you are guaranteed that it’ll work properly with no mechanical issues. You get warranty, are covered under the lemon law, given complimentary maintenance services, and more!

But when you buy a used car, you don’t get that same guarantee. There may be mechanical issues under the hood. Maybe a faulty wire. Maybe water damage that’s been cleaned up. You just don’t know what you’re really getting.

Not only are there reliability issues, they are liability issues. Because stretchers and stair chairs carry patients, a failure can lead to injury and turn into a lawsuit.

That’s why ambulance companies rarely, if not never, purchase used cots from other ambulance companies.

Cash 4 Cots isn’t an ambulance company. So we don’t think about mechanical issues or patient liability. We just want to buy your Stryker and Ferno cots. We’ll offer TOP DOLLAR for Stryker Power Cots.

Concerned about the condition of your Stryker and Ferno cots, stretchers and stair chairs? Let us take a look at it and we’ll give you TOP DOLLAR for it. Whatever the condition it’s in, if we see value in it, we’ll buy it. Think it’s too damaged for it to have any value? Try us! Cash 4 Cots is here to give you cash… for your cots. No if’s and’s or but’s.

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